• Christine Vales

Leap Into The New Like Naphtali

Today is the 29th day of Adar.

This is the last day in the last month on God’s calendar.

So yes- surprise - today is New Year's eve!

Cool huh?

Here’s more – every month has a tribe of Israel associated with it.

This last month of Adar is connected with the tribe of Naphtali.

Jacob blessed all the tribes, one by one, in the book of Genesis.

To Naphtali, he declared,

Naphtali is a doe let loose and he gives beautiful, glistening words.

Genesis 49:21

The tribe of Naphtali was an artistic tribe.

They were anointed writers, poets and dancers.

So what can we take away from this?

Let us ask the Lord,

on this last day of the last month,

to anoint us like Naphtali and fill our mouths

to end the year speaking His beautiful, glistening words!

And in turn, His joy- which is our strength - will arise

so we can leap like Naphtali—into the new year ahead!

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