"Oh To Be The Moon" by Christine Vales


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Lyrics & Music:  Christine Vales

© 2012 Christine Vales


Oh to be the moon

Is what I want to be

To be a mirror way up high

And to be the moon

I’d be set apart

Shining brightly

In a dark blue sky


To be a reflection

Of The Mighty One

To be a testimony

When we cannot see the sun- and


Shine Shine Shine

With a light that’s not my own

Down upon a world

That can’t live without You- and

Climb Climb Climb

Higher to become

A better image of the Son

Oh to be the moon


You illuminate my life

With the falling of Your rays

Into the craters of my heart

And through each phase of mine

You never leave me ‘lone

No, You guide me through the darkness

And Your light leads me home


I was so cold and lonely

My heart was hardening

But now I got Your Spirit in me

And all I can do is sing- and


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