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He is Risen!

This morning I decided to read through each gospel's account of Jesus' miraculous resurrection. I almost didn't because I thought...

"I know this story..."

But I am so glad I did because there was so much that I forgot many details that I overlooked a bonus

...after I read each portion... my heart was revived!

When we spend time in His word it's never is a waste of time.

He meets us and revives us. (Ps 119:50) Not only is Jesus alive-

but His Word is alive and every time we read it, He speaks

and breaths new hope and life into us -

all we need to do is meet Him there.

Let us be reminded and revived by our Risen Messiah---

for He is our living Hope. (1 Peter 1:3)

Click here to read all the accounts of His resurrection in Matthew, Mark, Luke and John...and be revived by His living Word.

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