The Lord gave Christine Vales a deep desire to serve and point others to Him just before the turn of the century.  It has been a beautiful journey and she is still discovering the gifts He planted in her - to use them to serve others and bring glory to Him.


​Most recently while Christine and her husband, Carlos, began exploring the Hebrew roots of their Christian faith, Christine discovered the Lord’s prophetic calendar.  The Lord began to stir her prophetic gift through understanding His appointed times and seasons as they were understood by His people and the need for them to be understood today.  After several years of studying and creating her own handwritten Hebrew/Gregorian calendar and journal, she sought to purchase one, but to no avail   She then began to understand the Lord was calling her and was blessing her work as a teacher for His glory and that this would be her next assignment...


Christine created and released the first edition of “His Appointed Times: Hebrew/Gregorian Calendar & Journal” in 2017.  Soon after it’s release, the Lord prompted Christine to continue to  “feed His sheep” and she began posting “Chalkboard Teachings” on YouTube and calendar encouragements on her website and social media.  Her online teaching ministry continues to blossom and produce fruit worldwide.

As Christine developed the next editions of “His Appointed Times” she added many new interactive features for the reader to enjoy.  Since their release, Christine has been blessed with the privilege of uncovering His prophetic calendar by teaching others how to connect with His calendar in real-time in their lives.  This prophetic tool has also found itself in the hands of many great ministries and prophets such as Bill Yount, Dr. Lance Wallnau,  Gina La Morte and Sandi McGuire of Elijah List Ministries.  Most recently, Christine's articles on the Biblical months have been published through the world-wide prophetic ministry of The Elijah List. as well as Charisma Magazine. and Spirit Fuel.  His power is changing lives and so delights the heart of Christine, as it is her prayer that the uncovering of His prophetic calendar will go forth and draw hearts closer to the Ancient of Days Himself... Jesus. 

Christine is blessed to send forth the latest 2020 edition of "His Appointed Times" in addition to other new resources for the new year available in the shop.  Christine continues to follow His calling in the prophetic, as she has since the beginning of her story, where she faithfully is lifting up her voice to the Lord and raising her eyes to the fields… for they are already white for harvest! John 4:35

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