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“Year after year it is exciting and encouraging to journey with Christine through God’s calendar and be reminded how His timing is perfect and He establishes our steps. ‘His Appointed Times’ and Christine’s enlightening chalkboard teachings help us to follow the months and seasons in a practical and fun way. What a joy it is to hear how God worked through His children and see how His precious promises apply to our lives in this present day and time. My favorite part of this journey is to continually see how everything points to Jesus.  Christine does a wonderful job of pointing us all to the Bright Morning Star, our risen Lord and Savior, through the ancient  Hebrew calendar. Come join us in the wonder and awe of the goodness of God’s perfect ways and time!”

Trish Hall

Delighted In Jesus - Huntsville, AL

Bible Teacher - Blogger



“Sometimes we forget He's the Lord of the harvest as the cover of ‘His Appointed Times’

wonderfully shows.  You can afford to chill when ‘The King is in your field.’”

Bill Yount

Blowing the Shofar MinistriesHagerstown, MD

Author - Teacher- Prophetic Voice


“Each year I await with great excitement for the new edition of ‘His Appointed Times’ from Christine Vales.  Many Christians live their entire lives without all the pieces of the puzzle concerning their Jewish roots and rich heritage.  This month-by-month resource unlocks a new awareness of the heart, nature and prophetic expressions of the Trinity.  These sacred secrets, which have seemingly been hidden, are revealed by Christine and discovered by those who are hungry to know the mysteries of Abba.  The anointed content is unique, creative, spiritually enriching, practical and powerful especially when accompanied with her monthly chalkboard teachings that will provoke, challenge, convict and call you higher. This outstanding book is a must read for all wanting to delve deeply into a journey of identity and understanding the one new man concept and how we come from the same umbilical cord. May you enjoy a complete revelation of God’s supernatural truth.”

Pastor Jennifer Mallan

Reliant Family Church, Tampa, FL

Pastor - Author - Dean  

www.reliantfamilychurch.com  //  www.jenmallan.com


“I am convinced one of the things the Lord is doing in His Church is to reveal to His people a deeper understanding of the Biblical calendar.  It is a Kairos hour for the Bride of Messiah to learn the Father’s glorious times and seasons, and how to truly enter the rhythms of God’s ways.  I have so enjoyed ‘His Appointed Times’ by my dear friend Christine Vales.  She is a gifted and anointed teacher!  You will love it.”

Pastor Ray Bentley

Maranatha Chapel - San Diego, CA

Senior Pastor -Author

www.maranathachapel.org  // www.raybentley.com

“Ancient truths for contemporary times.  It has been an experience of sheer joy working through the years with Christine Vales’ editions of “His Appointed Times.   The clarity that emerges from understanding God’s times and seasons in this chaotic world births peace and oftentimes new direction. Our calendars, Times and seasons may change but God’s never does and He has not moved off His pattern for humankind. This brilliant blend of ancient truths with our digital age proves that God is omnipotent, omnipresent and eternal but oh so richly involved in the details of His people’s lives. Every year I work through “God’s Calendar - His Appointed Times”, my life becomes more deeply enriched. Yours will too.”

Angelique Du Toit

Author, Inspirational Speaker - Businesswoman

Cape Town, South Africa



“’His Appointed Times’ is like one of those invaluable corner pieces of a puzzle titled ‘Understanding God’s character and eternal plans.’   Whether you are a scholar or simply one craving to know the Lord deeper, by understanding His biblical feasts, harvests, months, years, and seasons you will knit bible truths together like never before. Thanks to Christine Vales’ simple presentation of otherwise hard to understand Hebrew scriptural precepts, we need be puzzled no longer.”

Caz Taylor

Salem Media Group, San Diego broadcasterSan Diego, CA

Prophetic Teacher & Author 

www.krpz.com  //  www.facebook.com/CazTaylor

“’His Appointed Times’ calendar has been my go-to guide for insight pertaining to Biblical Feasts and prophetic intel into each month. Because Christine Vales’ study is precise and in prophetic depth, we can aim our focus on other things such as ministry or that which WE do best. Enjoy learning the hidden prophetic messages within the Bible and how they apply to you day to day in real-time.  I wait with anticipation each year to see what Christine will add to this incredible calendar." 

Sandi McGuire

Here Comes Joy


“'His Appointed Times' has brought time alive for me!  Who could have imagined that in this day and age that days, months, and seasons could have such a profound meaning to us as God’s children. Studying the Hebrew calendar has brought new meaning to the phrase “God orders our days!”  I’ve been amazed at how so much of what is going on in my life is explained or described while studying the characteristics of each of the months. If you want to understand your spiritual journey in a deeper way this calendar is for you! I recommend it to everyone I cross paths with who is interested in the deeper things of God!"

Debby Temmer, MA LPC

Centered For Life


“When I stumbled upon ‘His Appointed Times’ with Christine Vales I was completely refreshed by this calendar. The revelation and information that came with the calendar helped me prophetically understand the times and seasons in which we live in, in a much more visually contextual way.  It was like opening up God’s storybook! This book is a must-have to anyone who wants deeper insight into God’s mysteries of times and seasons.”
Gina La Morte

Prophetic Speaker, Author and Social Entrepreneur 


“Christine’s passion to awaken us to God’s appointed calendar has become contagious!  The women of our church eagerly await each month’s chalkboard teaching to discern how to align to ‘His Appointed Times’ to fully receive all that God has for us.  Her calendar has so enriched our spiritual journey as we have watched His hand confirm over and over again that seasons and times matter.  May your journey with Christine stir your faith, awaken your spirit and recalibrate your life to live in sync with His plans and purposes for His Beloved.  What a gift this book is for those of us who seek to truly know Him more!”

Rochelle Frazier

Author - Pastor - Counselor


“If you want a great journal, planner and teaching on God’s times and seasons- get this planner /journal!  It is awesome!  I follow along with Christine Vales’ online chalkboard teachings and have plenty of space to add all of my very important dates and journal entries each month!  I am forever changed!  So thankful for your ministry Christine!”

Serena Geiger

My Heart Beats For Missions

“We have been grafted into a rich heritage through Abraham, Isaac and Jacob paid for by the blood Jesus and it’s our legal right to tap into all the benefits it has for us.  In ‘His Appointed Times’ Christine Vales has created an amazing way for us to connect with God and stay in His timing and know how He is moving in the earth.  As one who studies God’s prophetic calendar, Christine's book has become a valuable resource for me.  She truly has created a treasure.”

Susan Cheatham

Susan Cheatham Ministries


"I cannot adequately express how excited I am about “His Appointed Times.”  She has done an insightful spirit-filled job of sharing God’s heart and His ways.  Don’t miss this opportunity to have an adventure with the God of the universe who set things in order for you."

Joan Masterson

One In Messiah Ministires


“Life as a believer can be a struggle to always know if you are moving in step with what God is doing.  We can pray about His timing, but to truly get the understanding can be a game-changer.  Christine Vales has become that for me.   Her book and calendar  ‘His Appointed Times’ are my go-to in planning events.  I have gotten such a peace and confirmation knowing that I’m in sync with what God is doing.  Her teachings are detailed and so thorough that you don’t have to second guess yourself as you move day to day with the Father.”

Lisa Perna

Touched By Prayer /Daddy’s Girl Women’s Conference