“’His Appointed Times’ prophetic calendar, by Christine Vales, continues to bless me year after year with revelation, insight, and hope in my daily walk with Christ.  I love studying the ways of God and His attributes, and find great delight in the Hebrew calendar- that He still works in the same fashion today! Christine breaks it down in a way that is easy to understand and has included many interactive tools to help us study, learn, and walk with encouragement into this new exciting year of 5780.”

Trish Hall

Delighted In Jesus



 “The cover of Christine's calendar says it all of what God is up to in this new year. Can you hear the Lord saying?:  ‘I Got This! It's in My hands.  What may trouble you, won't trouble Me.  What may surprise you, won't surprise Me, I'll see it coming.  It's in My hands.  I got it and I got you!  Trust Me, for trusting will be your training in this new era.  And I'm excited for you.’"

Bill Yount

Blowing the Shofar Ministries


 “’His Appointed Times’ calendar has been my go-to guide for insight pertaining to Biblical Feasts and prophetic intel into each month. Because Christine Vales’ study is precise and in prophetic depth, we can aim our focus on other things such as ministry or that which WE do best. Enjoy learning the hidden prophetic messages within the Bible and how they apply to you day to day in real-time.  I wait with anticipation each year to see what Christine will add to this incredible calendar 

Sandi McGuire

Elijah List Ministries



“When I stumbled upon ‘His Appointed Times’ with Christine Vales I was completely refreshed by this calendar. The revelation and information that came with the calendar helped me prophetically understand the times and seasons in which we live in, in a much more visually contextual way.  It was like opening up God’s storybook! This book is a must-have to anyone who wants deeper insight into God’s mysteries of times and seasons.”
Gina La Morte

Prophetic Speaker, Author and Social Entrepreneur 


 “Life as a believer can be a struggle to always know if you are moving in step with what God is doing.  We can pray about His timing, but to truly get the understanding can be a game-changer.  Christine Vales has become that for me.   Her book and calendar  ‘His Appointed Times’ are my go-to in planning events.  I have gotten such a peace and confirmation knowing that I’m in sync with what God is doing.  Her teachings are detailed and so thorough that you don’t have to second guess yourself as you move day to day with the Father.”

Lisa Perna

Touched By Prayer /Daddy’s Girl Women’s Conference


“Ecclesiastes 1:9 joins with a chorus of other scriptures telling us, ‘What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again.’  To these points, Bible teacher, artist and worshiper, Christine Vales’ newest edition of ‘His Appointed Times’ offers easy-to-understand insights and directives for your ‘today and tomorrows.’  Mrs. Vales’ excavations of the Biblical months and Festivals from the past are amazing.  Using her chalkboard artwork and easy presentation manner, Christine has a way of simplifying what others may see as intricate and complicated.  Comprehending God’s eternal truths has never been such fun.” 

Caz Taylor

Prophetic Teacher & Author 

Salem Media Group, San Diego broadcaster



“If you want a great journal, planner and teaching on God’s times and seasons- get this planner /journal!  It is awesome!  I follow along with Christine Vales’ online chalkboard teachings and have plenty of space to add all of my very important dates and journal entries each month!  I am forever changed!  So thankful for your ministry Christine!”

Serena Geiger

My Heart Beats For Missions

"I first saw Christine Vales’ chalkboard teachings on YouTube and was deeply intrigued with her depth of insight and knowledge of God’s monthly calendars. When I heard Christine’s teachings were available in book form, she kindly arranged delivery to South Africa. “His Appointed Times” has established and cemented what I knew in a measure about the Jewish calendar. Christine’s teachings however brought a significant change of focus in my life, where I now map my daily calendar according to the days and months of God’s intention for His people.  This alignment has brought unspeakable order and blessing into my life. I can hardly wait to receive the next edition. Thank you Christine for being an enormous influence in my life. You and your teaching gift are treasured."

Angelique du Toit

Author, Speaker, Annique Brand Ambassador

Cape Town, South Africa



“'His Appointed Times' has brought time alive for me!  Who could have imagined that in this day and age that days, months, and seasons could have such a profound meaning to us as God’s children. Studying the Hebrew calendar has brought new meaning to the phrase “God orders our days!”  I’ve been amazed at how so much of what is going on in my life is explained or described while studying the characteristics of each of the months. If you want to understand your spiritual journey in a deeper way this calendar is for you! I recommend it to everyone I cross paths with who is interested in the deeper things of God!"

Debby Temmer, MA LPC

Centered For Life



"I cannot adequately express how excited I am about “His Appointed Times.”  She has done an insightful spirit-filled job of sharing God’s heart and His ways.  Don’t miss this opportunity to have an adventure with the God of the universe who set things in order for you."

Melody Hope

One In Messiah Ministires


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