Why are there two New Years on God's calendar?                                                


There are essentially two New Years on God’s calendar.  I know this concept is hard to grasp,but I hope to be able to shed a little light on it!

The first New Year is in the fall and is based on the physical creation of the earth. This is known as Rosh Hashanah (Head of the Year) in the month of Tishrei, It is also known as the new Civil Year- when the numerical year turns over. This past fall,the year turned over from 5779 to 5780.

Since this number is based on creation- we can estimate the age of the earth is about 5780 years old. This Physical New Year- or Physical Birth of the earth starts in Tishrei. (Fall)

The second New year is in the Spring and is based on our redemption at Passover - when Jesus died and rose again. This is known as Rosh Chodeshim (Head of the Months). God told Moses in Exodus 12- that this month -Nissan - would now be the beginning of months for you.  This was a new beginning — a new or higher new year or new birth. This Spiritual New Year or Spiritual birth of the earth begins in Nissan. (Spring)

So — if you think about it as two births— a physical one and a spiritual one— it’s just like us. We have a physical birth when we are born— then are invited to a spiritual birth when we are born again. We have two New Years too! 


You can find more info on this on pages 5 & 145 in “His Appointed Times.”



Why are there constellations on God's calendar?                                                 


The heavens declare the glory of the Lord. Psalm 19:1.  He has placed the stars in the sky and has called them by name. Psalm 147:4 The Lord created the heavens and the gospel is on circuit over our heads.

Remember— the wise men followed the star and found Jesus.  Everything points to Him. Astronomy is the study of His heavenly handiwork. Astrology is the counterfeit and is NOT of the Lord— worshipping the creation - not the Creator.  There is only one Zodiac and it is from the Lord's hand--- all to point hearts to Him.

Here are a few resources if you want to dive in deeper…

"The Gospel in the Stars"  D. James Kennedy

"The Witness of the Stars"  EW Bullinger 



Why are Babylonian names still used on God’s calendar?                                 


In Exodus 12, God instructed the Israelites to count months in numerical order.  He instructed them to call Nissan the first month of the spiritual calendar, as this would be the month of their redemption out of Egypt.  Thus, when someone referred to a month, they would in effect recall the great exodus out of Egypt by the mighty hand of God.  This would be a constant reminder of their deliverance.   


Later in history, during the Israelites captivity in Babylon, Babylonian names were also used for the months. Once Israel was delivered from captivity, the Babylonian names stuck. Not to honor Babylonian names- but to honor and remember the faithfulness of God, who once again redeemed them from exile. 



What are some recommended sources for further study?                                


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