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christine vales

01  waitin’ on me

Psalm 130


I’ve been waitin’ a long time now

I’ve been counting every hour

I’ve been listenin’ to hear Your voice

But the only thing I hear is noise


I’ve been longin’ to see Your face

I’ve been searchin’ for You everyplace

Well don’t You see me cryin’ in the dark

Won’t You satisfy my willing heart?


Then I look to the east and I see

Your sunrise- You break through the night

Then I look to the west and I see

Your sunset- I know I’ve been blessed

Being able to finally see that

All this time- oh I was waitin’ on You

You were waitin’ on me


Funny how I’ve been so blind

While each day held all the signs

Please forgive me Lord for wanting proof

Now I look and all I see is You


And You’re all around me

If I stop and I listen

The air - the trees

And Your love for me

No- I can’t believe

No- No- what I’ve been missin’


Lyrics:  Christine Vales & Lorraine Ferro

Music:  Christine Vales & Plink Giglio

© 2002 Christine Vales



02  oh to be the moon

(rock ballad version)

Psalm 19:1-3


Oh to be the moon

Is what I want to be

To be a mirror way up high

And to be the moon

I’d be set apart

Shining brightly

In a dark blue sky


To be a reflection

Of The Mighty One

To be a testimony

When we cannot see the sun- and


Shine Shine Shine

With a light that’s not my own

Down upon a world

That can’t live without You- and

Climb Climb Climb

Higher to become

A better image of the Son

Oh to be the moon


You illuminate my life

With the falling of Your rays

Into the craters of my heart

And through each phase of mine

You never leave me ‘lone

No, You guide me through the darkness

And Your light leads me home


I was so cold and lonely

My heart was hardening

But now I got Your Spirit in me

And all I can do is sing- and


Lyrics & Music:  Christine Vales

© 2005 Christine Vales



03  masterpiece

Ephesians  2:10


I don’t always like

What I see in the mirror

And my face ain’t getting any clearer

And these jeans

Well they’re fittin’ pretty tight

This battle for beauty is an uphill fight


I wake up in the mornin’

And the war is on

Magazines and beauty queens

Channel and Revlon

Everywhere I turn I start to compare

And I hate this envy

It gets me nowhere- but


You say I am

And what You say is true

I’m a masterpiece created by You

Because You say I am

And what You say is true

I’m a masterpiece created by You

Oh ‘cause You say

Oh ‘cause You say- I am


This world keeps tellin’ me

That I’m not good enough

And if I change a thousand things

Well I just might be loved

And I’ve bought these lies so long

I’ve been tricked and deceived

Oh father help me

Won’t You help me to believe- that


I don’t wanna fall

Into the pattern of this world

I wanna see things from Your view

‘Cause beauty fades

And charm does deceive

And I really need to stand

Upon Your truth

So help me know the Truth


And I don’t always see

What You see in the mirror

But then You remind me and You

You draw me nearer

I’ll keep runnin’ right back to You

‘Cause no one loves me

The way that You do- ‘cause


Lyrics and Music by Christine Vales

© 2012 Christine Vales



04  be still

(techno version)

Psalm 37:7


Another day has ended

Another day is done

Another day passes

As I watch the setting sun and I

Sometimes I wonder

As I lay here in the night

I think about the future

The rest of my life


But I know You know my name

I hear You whisperin’ the same

“Be Still”


I wake up in the mornin’

I look up toward the sky

I gaze upon the highway

See those cars passin’ by and I

I wonder where they’re goin’

Where have they been?

What are they seekin’?

What is drivin’ them within?


Well everything is movin

Everywhere I turn

And everything is movin’ around me

Oh- but I know You know me

You know me well

And You have a plan for me

Oh- help me wait and see


The trees are blowin’

In the wind

The leaves are dancin’

As this world spins

All of creation

Is keepin’ time

Your Spirit moves them

In rhythm and rhyme


And Lord- You know I hate to wait

Father help me to have faith

To be still

Lyrics & Music:  Christine Vales

© 2002 Christine Vales

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