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5784 "Proclain His Name At Every Door"

100 % Organic Anointing Oil 

Created by Christine Vales 


Christine has created this new anointing oil for the new year- 5784.

Be blessed as you use this oil to anoint yourself or others...

And even the doors of your home or office in this year of the door.


100% Certified Organic Ingredients

Base: Olive Oil 

Essential Oils: Cypress, Rose Geranium, Basil, Cinnamon and Myrrh


Creative Process...

Oils were prayfully chosen with these elements in mind...

Olive Oil:  Represents the Holy Spirit, Wood used for the doors of The  Most Holy Place

Cypress:  Wood used for the doors of the The Holy Place


Next four oils connect with each season on the door panels as the original artwork portrays...

Rose Geranium: Season of Spring

Basil:  Season of Summer

Cinnamon: Season of Fall

Myrrh: Season of Winter


Includes (1) Roller Bottle in Drawstring Organza Bag

NEW- Labels include Original Artwork by Christine Vales and ingredients

Roller Bottle Easy Application

Assorted Colors

Size: 10ml = .34 oz



5784 100% Organic Anointing Oil

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