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The Ninth of Av: Choose To Believe His Goodness

Today is The Ninth of AV.

What is so significant on this day...

and how can we apply this to our lives today?

Take a moment to discover all about it

in this short video and...

Click here to ENJOY 50% off +FREE Shipping on

"His Appointed Times:

Hebrew/GregorianCalendar & Journal"

on SALE now for $12

It's a great time to join in on the discovery of

The Lord's prophetic calendar....

journaling your way month by month!

Believing Him with you on this 9th of Av,

Christine Vales :)

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The Calendar & Journal
Here is a tool that can help you see how His prophetic timing is unfolding in your life this year. Click here to learn more about "His AppointedTimes: Hebrew/ Gregorian Calendar & Journal"  
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