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An ISSACHAR Opportunity

Christine Vales

Every month on God's calendar is
"good to the last drop!"
So as the last day of Iyar begins-
take advantage of this awesome "Issachar" opportunity
and sign up for these amazing classes offered FREE
for a limited time from Charis Bible College.

I have taken both of these
classes and have learned so much
from the foundational teachings and
HIGHLY recommend them both.
Click pics to learn more & listen to sample lesson.

- Each Class includes eight 45 min lessons
- Watch Video or Listen to Audio
- Download / Print PDF of all the notes
- You have access to the classes for a year online
- Watch or listen whenever you like
- No homework
-The only text book is The Bible 
- Only take exam in order to receive credit for course
- Each Class valued at $120 each

Sounds like a WIN WIN to me!

Let's finish the month of Iyar strong
in His Word and great love for us! 

In His Rest, 
Christine Vales 

"The unfolding of Your word gives glorious
light and understanding to the simple."  
Psalm 119:30


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