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The Month of Adar: Finishing Strong in His Joy

We are currently in the Biblical month of Adar. Adar is the last month of months in the Hebrew calendar. We are about to complete a full cycle in the Lord’s calendar.

Truly, the winter is past and the rains are over. (Song of Solomon 2:11)

The month of Adar started at sundown on Sunday, February 26th 2017 and ends at sundown on Monday, March 27th 2017.

As Adar comes to a close, look back at the past weeks and see if any of the prophetic characteristics of Adar manifested in your life. Have you seen “masks removed” or “found your identity in the hidden world?” Did you celebrate certain endings in your life? Did He lead you to write beautiful words? If not-- don’t lose heart. I have found that these monthly characteristics are “good to the last drop” -- meaning that His prophetic timing works down to the last moments of the month.

He is at work in us in and wastes nothing. Not one single minute. He is also a master builder, building one prophetic month upon another and another, connecting us and keeping us in His timing.

This month it is especially important to press into Him, as the enemy would want you to end the year in fear and defeat -- but look up and hear His decree of Life and Truth over your life!

Let’s press into Him in this last month of months and allow Him to cause our fears to laugh. May He give us His joy so we finish strong in His strength. And get ready for redemption and miracles... the new year and Nissan is just around the corner!

May this blackboard above encourage you to finish strong in His joy!

If you have any testimonies, comments or questions, please feel free to share them below or click here to send an email.

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